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    read dcg

    created a post titled, "Computing in (e)Scapes // Spring 2014 Computation Lecture Series":

      Theme: Computing in (e)Scapes Humans precede computers in computation: we compute via intertwined acts of active perception and bodily action. We observe, interact with and learn from places and things as we wander in scapes. Our experiences are then put into use – this time to make (within) scapes. Unexpected discoveries, novel encounters are [...]

    created a post titled, "FELT: The Textility of Communicating Emotion Through a Fabric Wall":

      On Friday DCG member and Schlossman Fellow 2013-2014 Felecia Davis will present a work in progress called FELT. April 11th @ 5:30 -6:00pm in the Long Lounge/7- 429, MIT School of Architecture and Planning, 77 Mass.  Ave., Cambridge, MA.   Travel for the project was generously sponsored by the Schlossman Research Award at MIT. [...]

    created a post titled, "FALL 2013 LECTURE SERIES: POLYGLOT DRAWING MAKING":

            Polyglot Drawing Making Drawing is an experiential act and computational tools are transforming and enriching our physical and perceptual engagements within drawing processes. This lecture series aims to raise discussions around emerging computational methods for visual explorations and alternative techniques for evocative representations. Lectures will take place in the Long Lounge [...]

    created a post titled, "Futures Past: Design and the Machine":

    Futures Past: Design and the Machine is a three-day conference on the institutional and intellectual history of research and visions for human-machine systems beginning in the second half of the 20th century, and its relationship to emerging roles of technology in design. FUTURES PAST: Design and the Machine MIT, November 21-23, 2013 Deadline: March 29, 2013 [...]

    Onur Yuce Gun responded to Theodora Vardouli: it will be a great opening discussion for Read DCG SP'13...
    created a post titled, "A Publication on Design and Computation":

    This publication bears a title with an intentional strike through, which, first, should signify the act of design over computation for all designers. Second, it should remind us of our responsibility to continuously make inquiries into computation and its relation to design to advance our understandings of the subject area. The advancements in computer applications [...]

    created a post titled, "Patterning by Heat: Responsive Textile Structures Exhibition ":

      Patterning by Heat:  Responsive Textile Structures An Exhibition by Felecia Davis, and Delia Dumitrescu PhD Candidate, Design and Computation, MIT School of Architecture and Planning<> PhD Candidate,  The Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås and Applied IT, Chalmers University of Technology Patterning by Heat: The Responsive Textile Structures presents 4 different computational textile [...]

    created a post titled, "Computation and Textile Happenings in November":

    Hello DCG, for people interested in computation and textiles here are three events in the early part of November may be of interest. The IFAI is in town, or the Industrial Fabrics Association International from Nov. 6-9th at the Boston Convention Center.  There are many interesting, and free programs to students. Instructions to register for [...]

    Onur Yuce Gun responded to Onur Yuce Gun: Thanks Will... Although There are so many dots to connect, I must say! We had a great Forum evening with Carl, discussed about dcg websites(s). You were/are all missed (from afar)...
    Will Patera responded to Onur Yuce Gun: Excellent! I'm putting a link to Carl's website so that others can connect the dots... http://lostritto.com/project/work/paperspace/ Also, happy to see that the DCG website is continuing to get updated – nice to follow from afar.
    created a post titled, "fellowships, etc...":

    This is a random list of places, resources and things that might become useful for the group. Academic groups and departments Carnegie Mellon University, The School of Architecture Computational Design (CD) Disney research Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Architecture Design Computation … Chuck Eastman University of Santa Barbara, Department of Art, Media Art and [...]

    created a post titled, "Carl's drawing on MIT Architecture Lecture Series Poster":

      Couldn’t find a digital version, so took a photo -good job pen plotter!! .. I mean.. Carl!  

    created a post titled, "MIT Website: who is who":

    We can suggest edits to the categories in the menu for our group. This means we can have a ‘publication’ menu for example. We are also in control of the content and don’t have to talk to anyone of the faculty. Darren Bennett Department website and publications management 7-344 (617) 253-3613 darrenb@mit.edu He is our [...]

    created a post titled, "MIT Design and Computation Group Video":

    Geometries || Algebras [About] Design and Computation Group participation at the Advances in Architectural Geometry Video Panorama which will take place from 27th to 30th September 2012 in the Forum -1 of the Pompidou Center in Paris. The video will also be shown on TechTV or in the PLAZma screens around the dome. You can [...]

    created a post titled, "Shape_ PDF download":

    In case you are not aware, Stiny’s Shape is available for download. If you think “a hard-copy is always the best, but a digital version would not hurt…”, here it is: http://shapetalkingaboutseeinganddoing.org/

    created a post titled, "at this Summer dont forget to take a simple Book and to see some good Movies":

    two small references: Fernando Pessoa.. http://www.poetryfoundation.org/bio/fernando-pessoa and Cinema 2: The Time-Image from Gilles Deleuze

    created a post titled, "Read DCG F'11-S'12 list of readings":

    Now that the first year of Read DCG has reached its completion, we invite you to take a look at the reading list which was formed through the Group participants’ suggestions. We hope that you will find the readings as exciting as we did and that you will join us next year for another round of stimulating discussions!

    created a post titled, "Amber Case at TED":

    Mentioned in forum: We are all cyborgs now

    created a post titled, "GLSL Sandbox":

    Found this today. GLSL sandbox running in browser (chrome). Check out the gallery for examples.

    Onur Yuce Gun responded to Onur Yuce Gun: my wishes coming true! thanks Will.